The Articles of the EU Artificial Intelligence Act (25.11.2022)

Article 58, Tasks of the Board, Artificial Intelligence Act (Proposal 25.11.2022)

The Board shall advice and assist the Commission and the Member States in order to facilitate the consistent and effective application of this Regulation. For this purpose the Board may in particular:

(a) collect and share technical and regulatory expertise and best practices among Member States;

(b) contribute to the harmonisation of administrative practices in the Member States, including in relation to the derogation from the conformity assessment procedures referred to in Article 47, the functioning of regulatory sandboxes and testing in real world conditions referred to in Article 53, 54 and 54a;

(c) upon the request of the Commission or on its own initiative, issue recommendations and written opinions on any relevant matters related to the implementation of this Regulation and to its consistent and effective application, including:

(i) on technical specifications or existing standards regarding the requirements set out in Title III, Chapter 2,

(ii) on the use of harmonised standards or common specifications referred to in Articles 40 and 41,

(iii) on the preparation of guidance documents, including the guidelines concerning the setting of administrative fines referred to in Article 71;

(d) advise the Commission on the potential need for amendment of Annex III in accordance with Articles 4 and 7, taking into account relevant available evidence and the latest develoments in technology;

(e) advise the Commission during the preparation of delegated or implementing act pursuant to this Regulation;

f) cooperate, as appropriate, with relevant EU bodies, experts groups and networks in particular in the fields of product safety, cybersecurity, competition, digital and media services, financial services, cryptocurrencies, consumer protection, data and fundamental rights protection;

g) contribute and provide relevant advice to the Commission in the development of the guidance referred to in Article 58a or request the development of such guidance;

(h) to assist the work of market surveillance authorities and, in cooperation and subject to agreement of the concerned market surveillance authorities, promote and support cross-border market surveillance investigations, including with respect to the emergence of risks of systemic nature that may stem from AI systems;

(i) contribute to the assessment of training needs for staff of Member States involved in implementing this Regulation;

(j) advise the Commission in relation to international matters on artificial intelligence.

Important note: This is not the final text of the Artificial Intelligence Act. This is the text of the proposal from the Council of the European Union (25.11.2022).

The Articles of the EU Artificial Intelligence Act, proposal from the Council of the European Union (25.11.2022):